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About me

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My Work and Process

I read all about you and others through their DOB, names and business name as to me this is like a road map to your past, present and future.

Company names and individual names also hold information and why so many small business owners and corporate businesses come to see me for planning, relationship building and money strategy.

My mission is to help them understand, acknowledge, release, reset and rebuild.

I look forward to meeting you!


Make sure you take a look at my blog below or listen to my lives on FB every Sunday.

I share the latest frequency info on what you can expect, what you need to be mindful about with your relationships and how to make the most of the business scene right now.

2022 Reading

Are you ready for more? This year brings an energy increase meaning you will be less tired and have more drive to achieve. The focus will be relationships, intuition, health and purpose to help you live a satisfying life. You also get my Good Vibes 2022 PDF and a Ritual that I feel you need to help you maximise the year or clear blocks free. Let me show you what is possible1

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Business Mentoring/Coaching

Working directly with business owners has become a main focus of my working year and one I truly enjoy, as the results I see inspire me.

I know, when you talk things through, and get clear then you see what you must and you feel happier. You also attract and achieve more. It's natural metaphysics.

If you feel like you are going around in circles or feeling overwhelmed with your business right now then join me for one on one VIP coaching.

I'd love to chat about where you are at and what you would like to improve!

Would you like to...

Clarity on your vision and values?

Define (or redefine) your business model?

Work out the best revenue streams, and build a new profit strategy?

It is time to find your joy and passion for what you do, let's do together!


What drives your passion?

What will be your top priority to fulfil the satisfaction you want and need?