The Numerology Business Forecast Guide 2021

The Numerology Business Forecast Guide 2021

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I spend my life inspiring people in business to find balance, feel more enthusiastic, and attract more to live and feel abundantly free. We focus on how, there is nothing fluffy about my work as I know what people need to feel great about what they do and show them how to get on and stay on track, I would like to do the same for you.

Please take a few minutes to consider that you are sitting here free from what has been one of the most challenging years we have ever seen! Breathe, you're healthy, and most importantly, you have a lot of great resources within and around you. You know this because last year, you used them all. 

2020 wore everyone down and tested our patience, as we were all asked to cope with whatever crossed our paths. We were asked to get up and keep going, and we did - by the year's end, many looked and felt frazzled and tired. The changeover (2020 to 2021, due to the opposites in lessons) was intense and conflicting. The more you tried to control things, the more tired you became, and at times the reasons were unclear. Some felt betrayed and uncertain about whom or what had betrayed them. I believe these were old lessons coming to a close.


You have a fresh start with some powerful energy at hand.


A strong and clear mindset will be your key to success. Being focused and consistent with decisions, actions, and follow-through will mean the difference between living abundantly or living in fear. There are two threads of energy, and you will need to choose which one you use and not choosing means, you select Response mode. When you tolerate the things that hold you back, you may find yourself always having to navigate around them. They take your time, your focus, and they throw you out of alignment. If you don't tolerate them, you no longer need to navigate them; you will free your mind, time, and realign to your power purpose. Business success is more assured.

Do not focus on WHAT - focus on HOW and then start moving through the process - the destination will appear as you move, and your enthusiasm will build.

What does 2021 look and feel like? 

The 2021 mission . . . 

To find freedom in every area of your life.

Your objective is to find/feel freedom in every way. What do you feel restricted by right now? That must be your focus!

Your destinations will matter, and lack of clarity will affect the process, which means once again, planning and setting goals will matter more than ever. Everything you feel/do will mirror back to ask and test you on how free you feel; any constraints will hit you between the eyes and stay with you until you choose to deal with them. If you choose to ignore these, then your life, work, and destinations will be affected and your outcomes diluted, and in some, we will see conflict and breakdown coming from work and other relationships.

My Report will help you understand what these issues are and how you can override them.

You will receive

  • The Numerology Business Report
  • The 2021 Year Planner
  • and The CEO Day Overview for the first quarter.

These are PDF products.

The Numerology Business Report 2021 forecasts and explains what the year lessons are and how they could affect you and what you must consider and use to make your year more effortless and more enjoyable. It is full of tips and inspiration for your Mindset, money, attraction, relationships and business.

The Year Planner takes you through a series of questions to help you plan the year and help you identify what your issues could be.

The CEO Day helps you plan your first quarter, outlining details and forecasting the first three months.

The year that promotes!

A strong focus on relationships with the ability to push some into extremes.

You will need harmony within the home.

Financial freedom - next level as 2026 will bring the next crisis.

Setting intentions will be are must and more achievable.

The desire to overindulge in the good things of life will increase, due to doing well or self-sabotage. Balance is needed.

The possibility of overthinking and creating anxiety will be much more vital, which means you must use your Mindset to get stuff done.

Freedom is the key, so you will desire freedom from whatever restrictions you feel or live with.

Relationships (love and family) will need to feel harmonious, or they could come under attack and become intense to deal with. 

Work relationships will be the testiest and be potentially volatile.

Financial extremes will be everywhere, within every country, region, and individual experiencing and feeling it from a personal perspective - very few officials/economists will agree on what is in front of us. 

Your voice and share will matter, and you must be responsible for everything you deliver as the cause and affect energy will be stronger.

If managed and directed, the Mindset (mental agility) will allow the individual to enjoy success and endure others' perspectives more powerfully due to being real and backing yourself.

New businesses will open and become a well-discussed topic as many will move into their own business due to desire, wanting to control, and or redundancies. 

Business energy will get a shot in the arm for those who feel energised.

People will want to be social and have fun.

It is going to be a big year, a time extremes one with many twists. Bringing the focus back to you, and yours will support outcomes.