Business Reset - Two Options

Business Reset - Two Options

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Who hires me?

People hire me when they're feeling stuck, losing market share/money or totally overwhelmed with what they have to do. So often, they are unsure why they feel this way, why this is happening and uncertain how to fix it. I help them get clear about what they want moving forward and remind them, how to support themselves while doing what is necessary. 

I have seen people every week for the last eight years; that's a lot of people and resources. I see and hear what business owners go through; I see their anguish and delight when they know how to turn things around - my job is the best!

Working with varied business types and them being totally honest with me means I see options and opportunities and help them work these through. I hand on heart get amazing results.

Your business name (limited) shows me your money frequency, these names and your birthdates are full of what I call, Money Codes and insight into you and your business. I will point out your blocks, and when we talk, we can discuss the financial options that help you increase your wealth.

Numerology, for me, is like a road map to your emotional life and those around you; Numerology is my tool of insight, and through this, I see what roads and opportunities are open to you. My mission is to get you moving and to feel inspired.

I love business; it is my passion, my job is the best in the world, and the revivals I see, are truly inspiring, and these keep me motivated and excited to keep doing what I love. 

If you want to work with me, then this is the gateway to do that. As I only work with people and businesses, I know I can help.

This reading brings clarity and understanding to you, often when you need it most. All I need is the name of your business trading and limited, plus your birthdate and any other relevant information about your business such as partners etc.

All my readings follow the same process. I look at you, your business and your situation, making sure I give you as much insight as possible. If you have any questions before you place your order, feel free to email or message me. I also look at your personal life as so often when you are struggling at home; this affects your business profoundly.

Option 1 =  A questionnaire, review and a 90-minute live session in CHCH

Option 2 = A questionnaire, review and a 90 minute Skype session.  

  1. Your life and business now
  2. What potentially lies ahead.
  3. What mindset shift you need to try and why?
  4. Money - What you can expect with your finances, using your business name and birthdate, helping you decide how to move forward.
  5. Spiritual practices and how you can use your intuition to help yourself.

My mission is to help you find the clarity and reassurance you may need now.

One important thing - Once you place your order, make sure you check your junk mail as sometimes I can't get through to you, and it becomes frustrating for all.

I look forward to meeting you!

A little bit about me 

My passion for Numerology and economics helps me help others, as I understand the frequencies and see the possibilities. My varied business history and the varied companies I work with also means I know the stresses that business owners face, and my mission is to help them find clarity and bring them support.

When my mother taught me the art of reading, and how to connect to read the essence of others, I know I could do the same for business entities.