Business Insight Session

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I help already established business owners reset their focus and emotional selves back into their businesses. Let's face it, business can wear you down, and it's easy to feel drained and trapped. I show you how to reset your passion back into your profits by helping you release blocks and re-align because we all want to feel empowered within our businesses.

When it comes down to it, my mission is not about helping you aim for perfection, instead it's about clarity and supporting you to build more confidence and energy to succeed.

Together we talk about where you are at, how you feel and then I help you get back to good as it is so important to feel great about what you do.

What I look at

I look from the top, beginning with the name of your business, as with this and your birthdate I am able to read where the blocks and limits are now onto what lies ahead, how your finance are affected and what is soon to be at your finger tips with the right adjustments.


People hire me when they're feeling stuck, losing market share/money or feeling totally overwhelmed with what they have to do and how hard everything is. I then set to help you clear and reset.

Numerology, for me is like a road map to your emotional life and those around you; Numerology is my power tool for for strategy and the Tarot is a great tool for timing. My business history supports my understanding of why you struggle and my client base keep me current with what is happening as I get a fresh perennial view of what is going on in business as i have a continuous flow of clients.


"My mission is to get you moving and to feel inspired"

I have seen people every week for the last ten years; that's a lot of people and resources. I see and hear what business owners go through; I see their anguish and delight when they know how to turn things around - my job is the best!


With your business name and birthdate, I do an overview of what is going on as so often you can't see that due to all the day to day tasks you have to do. Your business name shows me an energy view of your finances, your clients and your future. your birthdate shows me, where you are and how you are feeling. Then we talk together and I support you to clear and reset. I will give you as much help and insight as I can so you can then decide what is next.




Working with varied business types and them being totally honest with me means I see options and opportunities and help them work these through. I hand on heart get amazing results.

Before our session, I send you a questionnaire and book a time for our online session.


  1. Your life and business now
  2. What potentially lies ahead.
  3. What mindset shift you need to try and why?
  4. Money - What you can expect with your finances, using your business name and birthdate, helping you decide how to move forward.
  5. Spiritual practices and how you can use your intuition to help yourself.

My mission is to help you find the clarity and reassurance you may need now.

One important thing - Once you place your order, make sure you check your junk mail as sometimes I can't get through to you, and it becomes frustrating for all.

I look forward to meeting you! 

A little bit about me 

My passion for Numerology and economics helps me help others, as I understand the frequencies and see the possibilities. I read for hundreds of people each year, mostly businesses owners and I would love to do the same for you.

My varied business history and the varied companies, means I know the stresses that business owners face, and my mission is to help them find clarity and bring them support.

When my mother taught me the art of reading, and how to connect to read the essence of others, I know I could do the same for business entities.