Why Am I Seeing 4.44

You’re seeing 4.44 and you’ve seen it over and over, there’s one message to seeing this number in the message is about your purpose.

Do you feel lost right now? Are you not sure what you want to do but you have a drive or a desire to live a more fulfilling work life? Then you’re seeing this number because it’s time for a change and there is something out there reminding you that there is more to life than living without purpose.

It’s time to put some energy and effort into you and your purpose. I don’t believe there’s only one purpose either, I believe we have many purposes and so often people try pigeon hole themselves into one, for instance. I’m a nurturer and I love looking after nurturing my family, I love cooking, and looking after them I love making my home a sanctuary for all. I also use this nurturing aspect n my work, to help guide people, sometimes with tough love but the goal is always the same - nurturing guidance.
What traits to use over and over - what are you exceptional at?

What do you need right now? Do you feel like a change but feel unsure as to how that could happen or what you are capable of? Many people have these questions and what I suggest you do is start doing some research start with what you love. I love the numerology and I turned my numerology passion into an incredible opportunity and business, what do you love? maybe it’s time to build a side hustle, to live with more joy.

When you see 4.44 or fours in a sequence, you are being reminded about how powerful and important it is to live a happy life.

So what’s it to be and what do you need.

When you wake up and see 4.44 there will be something significant within the next four days so keep an eye out and listen to your instincts and ask for messages from the divine be specific and ask for the sign you need and it will be delivered.