What Can You Expect From September 2020?

Thought for the month- Our frequency today is our manifestation tomorrow
Good Day and WELCOME to September 2020!
Thought for the month - Our frequency today is our manifestation tomorrow. Read that out loud until it resonates in your body and, you feel it.
Our Focus
Our focus will be mental fitness - I ask that you keep a journal (daily) and set intentions to help you achieve the daily tasks desire and must achieve.
What Will The Energies Deliver?
We have an interesting few months ahead of us, a few months where our mental fitness will matter because this is what will allow us to glide past many others that will get stuck. The negative nancies will rise to the top and, these you must avoid as this energy will drain you.
These next few months bring together some lineups that are not for the faint-hearted and, they will take a wee bit to navigate through - rest assured, it is doable and, all you need to do is back yourself by using every inner/outer resource you have, including me!
Someone, who came to see me recently did so because they felt beaten by many others around them, they were continuously confronted by moaning from others about how bad things were. I believe for many this is not a reality - it is people joining into the hysteria building that is about to hit. The only way to combat this scenario is to stay focused on what you can control - everything else you must take the soft approach to.
Please bring these answers with you to our next session.
My questions to you - are you safe?
What do you feel are the biggest issues going to be these next three months?
How do you intend to tackle them?
Take a few moments with a cup of herbal tea and breath as you read this through. I am sorry it is intense but knowledge is one of the keys to freedom.
The Energy
We continue to watch the planet release the old order and, release can be messy, which is what we are watching currently. This collapse continues to plague our money, banking, and work systems, which is why it is essential to stay grounded and remind yourself that you have got this - because you have. This aspect will intensify this month.
Freedom is the keyword moving forward, whatever you feel restricted by will intensify and there will be a lot of noise.
Sensitivity will feel more intense from the 2nd to the 9th- watch reactions.
The 9th - 13th Relationships will become the focus and, anything hidden or not acknowledged will be looked at closely. Focus on your values and avoid power struggles as no one will win.
We will see shifts in currencies and again the banking systems will come into view as they are feeling very uncomfortable about their future profits.
What will help you?
Don't hook into others' agendas.
Focus on what you have control on.
Focus on work as the energy is backing you to get things done and September can be a record income month.
Try This
Morning Ritual
When you first wake, often without the alarm, is one of the most powerful parts of the day. My day starts very soft and slow these days on purpose.
The mornings are all about you and when you can gather the most energy and confidence.
Try waking 15 minutes earlier and staying in bed and greet yourself. I greet me and all my spiritual peeps as they are always there to help me, maximise my daily life.
I check how I feel, mentally, physically, and emotionally, and then I recite my affirmation or mantra. For me these change, but here is one I used for years. I am strong, confident and make good decisions was one
I scan my day. This is an excellent way to look at what the day may deliver, and as you get better at this, you will find you will be able to read the day ahead. such a great skill to master.
If the drama does pop up - then you will have more confidence to deal with it because you won't feel frazzled.
this forward notice is also apart of your intuition, and if you give yourself this time and then do some testing, you will begin to see how much information you get sent that you usually miss.
During the day
Take a few moments with a cup of herbal tea and breath as you read this through. I am sorry it is intense but knowledge is one of the keys to freedom.
Give it a try this month, and let's check in with one another to see how you are going.
When you are ahead of others, you have an edge, and you truly sparkle.  
it is time to build your inner power.
Give it a try.
Back yourself to win.
Use your confidence to shine with others.
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Have a great month!