The Reason You Are Seeing 11.11 is...


You have been guided here because there is a message you need to have and understand,  because, it is time for YOU.

There are many reasons why you see 11.11 and as you read this, make sure you take note of what stands out the most and trust that this is the message you need right now.

11.11 is a message from the divine and I believe shows up because you’re looking for an answer to something specific.

As you read through this information take note of what hits you in the heart.

This is one of the luckiest numbers to see over and over, and the more you see it, the more important this message is. It’s reminding you how amazing you are and how you have the most incredible and deep power within you. It’s time to use it.


If you’re seeing the number 11.11 you are being reminded to trust yourself, to back yourself, and to trust the intuitive feelings and thoughts you have been receiving. If you’re feeling worried or negative, perhaps even living in fear, then the divine is sending you a message that they have your back and you’re not alone. Whatever it is that you’re feeling right now, you will move past, but you must choose to not dwell on what is holding you back.

The number 11.11 has a strong connection to the divine. It is a gateway between our two worlds.  They see you and know what you’re going through.  You’re being shown a way forward because you need to know that you have choices.

Make sure in these next few days that you take notice of what’s in front of you, who is around you, and what doors and opportunities show up - and consider stepping through them.

Remember everything that you are experiencing right now in your life to date is due to your thoughts and feelings, as like attracts like - what do you need to change? Perhaps you need to reset and to make some changes by lifting your frequency. Your life will get better - that is a promise from this number sequence.


From a soul perspective, your consciousness aspires for purpose and by agreeing to look a little harder for what you need, you will find your way forward and be supported. There is a much better financial path for you than the one you are living now.

Seeing this number sequence is offering you the confirmation that you can change your living reality, your financial reality, and live more abundantly.

The next time you focus on what’s not working in your life, switch it around and remember those in spirit are guiding you and have your back. There are much better and higher frequencies that you can use, ones that will help you step into your true wealth.


You are enough!

Are you struggling with trust right now? Are you overthinking a relationship or setting yourself up for failure and is this something you repeat time and time again?

The past is done. Put down those old habits, live, and love.

You need to give yourself a chance and you need to trust that you’re able to have this relationship or attract the relationship you want into your life, but first, you must have faith that you’re enough. Without faith, nothing will change.

The divine has a message for you – trust you’re worth it, trust that you are worth loving, and trust that you are someone worth being in a loving and rewarding relationship with.

It is time to back yourself, it is time you set yourself up to live the life you desire.


This number 11.11 is spiritually significant, a Master number with a significance to your life right now. This strong connection has a powerful connection to the divine and asks you to trust they are on your side.

You are being reminded that you are here to make a difference, you chose your birthdate and you chose who you came through because you needed to learn to trust. It is no coincidence that you’ve seen these numbers and what you’re being reminded how connected you truly are.

Pay attention to the next Moon, whether it’s the New or the Full Moon, and follow the ritual below to help you clear and open yourself up to your new living reality.

Shower Clearing Ritual for Clearing Negative Attachments

We have all experienced people or situations that have drained our energy, and left us feeling tired and flat for no apparent reason. This ritual is to clear these energies and allow your body to recharge. It is brilliant for breaking binds of the past.

When negative energy attaches it drains you. A buildup of these negative energies can have a lasting effect, on you and affect your health. Perform this simple task and clear and remove any unwanted negativity. This will allow you to rest better and rebuild strength. Perform this as often as you feel the need to.


Gather the items below before you perform this ritual

2 tablespoon of salt - simple table salt will do.

1 tablespoon of oil (you can use either almond or olive oil)

Mix anti-clockwise in your right hand and say

I ask the guardians of the universe to empower this shower wash to cleanse my body, mind, and spirit of any negativity and fear and energy.

Rub oil mixture all over your body and rinse off (do not rub through your hair)


I am liberated, enlightened, and totally free. 

For more in-depth understanding or insight on how you can enhance your life come and have a chat with me.

With love

Clarice Pretoria Rose