The Reason You Are Seeing 10.10 is...

When you see 10.10 this is a reminder for you to keep a positive mindset as you are about to head into change.

See what has been hidden until now. You have been guided here to receive this message of hope, and the universe is asking you to Be patient as change is close.

Are you tired?

You may have found things haven’t come together easily these last few months, you may feel like you’ve been battling and you’re ready for a break.

To see this number more than once shows that the universe is trying to show you that you need to turn, you need to pivot and look for answers from other places. This number is wanting your attention as it prompts an awakening of your consciousness and asking you to listen and respond.

Remember, you are strong and have a powerful connection to the universe, you are continuously receiving messages, messages that can help you live a full life. It is time to ask for what you need. If you don't ask, you can't receive.

What should you do next?

Stand still, listen and trust as then you will know what to do.

You need to surrender what’s not working, and you need to accept something is not right with a current situation. When you do see, truly see everything will fall into place.