October, A Taste of 2021

October gives you a windows view into 2021

Good Day to you!

This week we transition into October. 

From a frequency/numerology perspective, this month is a taste of 2021, the year for FREEDOM! 

Sorry, this is a larger email today...

I felt you needed a heads up because we have a Full Moon in Aries on the 2nd

Mercury goes Retrograde on the 8th, and we get a taste of 2021; this is going to be a BIG month.

This is an ideal time to do a review of how you feel and where you are at on every level, as this will then allow you to close the year with enthusiasm. If you need work then brainstorm how to get your dream job or come and do this with me. If you are business then potentially these next few months can be a grand finish, one that makes all the hard work of 2020 worth it. Go and get what you need, and make it happen!


The insights for 2021 this month can be amazing but there are a few things you will need to do to help yourself. Keep small notes the entire month as this information will help you plan for next year. 

Look at -

How you feel, what, and who's around you? The people that help and support you will need and the ones causing you grief, you need to make a plan on how to manage or lose them.

What's going on around you? are their issues with family or work, are you feeling unwell or unsettled - you will be shown what you can change and seriously this is powerful - these insights from last year saved my life.

Who's showing up for you in business? I know business has been hit hard but has it? I know businesses that are doing so much more than they expected.

How are you doing financially, what money energy shows up this month, and what opportunities turn up? 

Be aware and get the gems that could turn your life around. 

This month will be intense, with your mind/thoughts and feelings being the dominant feature. You will need to avoid mind games, especially where love relationships are concerned as this could get you into hot water. Do not be flippant.

The 2020 Great Awakening is now a living reality and the wake-up was not always nice.

This Month

This is going to be a big one with vast amounts of information and emotions becoming intertwined, sort through them, and remember, information is key so do the research. 

Sleep could be an issue for some thought uncertainty may become a theme - overthinking can keep you awake. Remember to rest when you need it as pushing through will hinder you and you may miss something - rest first then come back to it.

Be mindful of what you are doing - focus and turn your brain on when you listen or speak to others. This is where the gems will come from - others! 

The first week - things may not come together easily and require more effort, so look for ways through but make sure you keep your objective in full view.

Watch what you do and say as words could become weapons. Trust your first instincts as these are the right ones, and put you first before everyone else.

The Full Moon in Aries, which also means dominance will be sought by some and this will be strongest through work and business.

The 1st is a delicious day for communication, family, love, and desire to make the most of this one.

By mid-afternoon -there will be an energy drop, pushing you inwards and increasing emotions before the Full Moon on Friday.

This Full Moon is a great one to release restrictions around money and thoughts about money. 

A good month to do attract and complete business deals. Not such an ideal week to advertise or promote, instead use your database and all of your resources.

Take your time and put yourself first, above everyone and everything as then you will get more done.

Here is a snippet from my written overview for 2021. these will be available for each birthdate.

Year Theme - FREEDOM

People will want to feel, experience, and taste freedom, in every sense of the word. Freedom from restrictions including the desire to break the rules. It will also be known as the year of love - more detail on what this means later.

2020 certainly threw all of us a curveball and I feel, for the most part, we in NZ and Australia have done well with what was delivered over and over - We certainly saw the kiwi ingenuity shine.

Let’s take a look at what some of the themes are for the year ahead.

Freedom from restriction in every way will become the dominant desire.

Relationships (love and family) will need to feel harmonious or they will come under attack and become so intense to deal with. Work relationships will be the testiest and potentially volatile, managing these will be essential to keep the balance and make them work to your advantage.

The 2020 conspiracy theories were so believable and who knows, perhaps they are not theories and are factual, and in most cases, we will never know. Truly these are best left alone or even avoided as personal points of view will become dominant and in some cases sticking/breaking points.

Financial extremes will be everywhere, within every country, region, and individual experiencing and feeling it from a personal perspective - very few people will agree.

What you voice and share will matter and you must be responsible for this.

The Mindset if managed and directed will allow the individual to enjoy success and endure others' perspectives due to control being the dominant desire and everyone wanting to win.

Businesses will become a dominant feature as so many move into their own business due to desire, wanting to control, or redundancies. Business energy will get a shot in the arm due to the need to do well, love well, and have as much fun as possible and all of this requires cash.

I think this is going to be a year to remember and I feel you must step in and embrace it to maximise every drop of what the 5 can offer. I look forward to explaining it to you in detail as you move through this document.

TRUTH - I know this has been one of the most testing years to date. be of your best and most testing years so far and if I were you I would get excited and use all of what the 5 asks of you to your advantage as to ignore the 5 advice could be hard on you.

Do a review


Trust yourself

Make good business and personal decisions

Back yourself

Love yourself.


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