Money and Business Through The Numbers

1 September
This week, the energy is behind you and you must continue to get creative. You must focus on achieving as the energy is supporting you to succeed.
There will be a lot of chatter about money during these next few weeks and months, and currently, there is a lot of confusion.
The world is awash with confusion, and there are fears and predictions everywhere with very little substance to back it up.
Some fun facts - for me anyway!
Some of the economic stats, coming out of the USA, are causing a lot of confusion, and here is why.
USA unemployment is at 9%, NZ 4% (released by Stats NZ August) Australia is at 7.4% in June.
The USA - National debt compared to their GDP is at 106% - this means they owe more money than they are currently able to make for the first time in their Nation's history - scary. They are continuing to print money with no substance to back it up.
Car sales in the USA are higher than they have ever been, and houses are selling fast. NZ car sales up and houses, are selling freely in some places but the banks are challenging to deal with. Online consumption is up worldwide and here in NZ, people are spending.
Wall Street is continuing to break records - there is so much money being thrown at the markets, economists are so confused, they have never seen anything like this ever before. There are no other times in history to compare these stats to, not the 1919 pandemic, the 1929 crash, or the 2008 recession.
So... are they/we in a depression or a boom? No one can tell us.
The world has gone crazy with consumer spending and the share market is rolling through. What you can rely on is the unpredictability of everything (I know right) and many of the guru's opinions will continue to vary, only to create more discussion with very little substance. This means you will need to trust your abilities, instincts, and your advisors and be prepared to take risks -
For now, it is business as usual. In some ways, business is better now and what I am asking you today is - don't get hooked into anything outside the facts. Focus and bring it all back to you, your situation, and your family life. Make decisions that suit your values and go get as much work as you can handle as it is a time to make money.
Do not worry about what may or may not come, focus on your reality and your truth. Look after yourself and get busy with what matters. Remember the 4 asks that you gather information and make decisions accordingly.
I wrote this last year for the year ahead.
Profits will become the money mantra for 2020 and, all discussion will be brought back to the focus of business safety due to what is perceived, to becoming - this hit us in a way we didn't expect. Most will feel averse to risk, most will want to be cautious and most will want assurance that their businesses and money are safe.
What do you do when there is no true guidance? You must self measure, you must use your instincts, and you must check-in regularly.
There will be fighting amongst our politicians as we prepare for an election not to mention the elections overseas, that will impact us strongly into 2022.
The banks are going to implement changes to their systems as they begin to see their future profits are at risk. The new kids on the blocks (Fintech Companies) will begin to immerge 2021 in a much stronger way, Fintech companies will become dominant in the domestic lending markets through the next five years and banks will become another lender, not the go-to lender. In the next five to seven years we will see new monetary policies and opportunities.
I feel there will be more opportunities for the consumer during the next few years (three)while the new kids promise the earth but fail to deliver medium-term (five).
The Fintech Bubble is a concern and 2021 I feel these lending opportunities will open into NZ as the banks will get tougher and people and businesses will need money.
We are going to hear about money, the banks are going to talk about changes to the banking systems as they begin to see their profits get gobbled by the new kids on the blocks, as the new money systems are coming through, the likes of Fintechs, Facebook and Amazon. Money certainty as we know it is about to change as we move into the new decade. The USA is already opening to easy lending, recently Trump lessened policy restrictions on second tear lenders, allowing people to borrow easily through online systems. These lenders in some cases are adding profits of upwards of 35% and more in some cases. This could be another subprime results as they hit mid-2021.
It is time to have a seriously good run at the money (focus on building wealth) the first six months will be the best and the second half will bring change. October things will begin to turn, and the possibility of change as some industries slow down. This will hit some harder than others,  stay focused on achieving what is important to you.
Some will struggle to make decisions because they will overthink everything and hold themselves hostage. It is more important than ever to stay tuned into you and your business needs - we have seen some incredible months for some.
What are these Changes?
Interest rates will remain static due to elections. I feel lending will open up but the criteria become more rigid making it tougher for businesses to get the support they need. Banks are going to want and require more information, to be kept informed and have more say or suggestion as to how you manage your money and more focus will be on your bottom line.
We have seen and felt this however this will become much stronger as we enter 2021. You can only control what you can change - remain focused on paying down debt and savings, I know the interest rates are awful but it is safety in having reserves.
The more you borrow the more records you will need to keep. This means your attention to detail is going to need to be better, you will need to know the facts about your books, who owes you, and who you owe.
We will see some big movements through the sharemarket and managed funds will be looked at closely and nervous people will move their money. Don’t react, instead be informed because that is what the 4 requires.
Managed funds and investors.
It will depend on the provider to educate and reassure their investors that will hold things steady. More diversity will be good through gold and silver but the safety will come through the reduction of debt or holding a diverse investor base .i.e. managed funds, cash, gold, art, and property and not all in one place - you know the saying - never have all your eggs in one basket! The markets have remained strong, we will have some more fluctuations during November and again in January. April 2021 seems to be when the strongest shift will occur but more about this through my end of your charts.
I feel we are heading into exciting times for those that have courage. It will take our energy and effort and this won't let up, please get your head around this as this year's energy will be relentless. The satisfaction coming from the outcomes, however, the riches from your efforts can be great. Where the leakage follows from will be lack of energy, drive, and action which will result in lower-income. it’s simple energy in, energy out method.
September is the pinnacle point of the year, everything feels quiet right now but the energy is building below as we move closer to the 2021 change over, there will be shifts. You can manage this final phase of 2020, focus on the finish, how can you maximise this and what must you focus on to win?
What do you want and need and how can you maximise your business. Don't sit and think too much, instead move and do.
Please make sure you continue to gather information before you make decisions and trust your instincts. The intentions that you set now will bring strong outcomes in December
October - We get a taste of 2021, I wrote that with a smile on my face.
The chance for increased anxiety is stronger and again this could stop some in their tracks, please prepare for this as it will affect everyone.
focus on what you need and take the appropriate action. People will begin to hold their breath through the early part of October, which will affect business across the board.
November - The USA election is on the 3rd and I feel after this we will see and feel some strong financial turbulence. There will be legal discrepancies come to light - I don't feel this is going to be an easy one!

What can I say - I came to see Rosina because my business felt like I was wading through a swamp each day, I didn't know what to expect but when Rosina explained what she saw and why it was happening, I was shocked, relieved and hopeful, I could save my financial soul. It took me 16 months to turn it around from the bank owning me to safety and what an empowering journey it has been.

I don't understand how she reads this information from a business name and birthdates, it is astounding. I feel so lucky to have been able to work with Rosina and you will be lucky if you can get the same opportunity, I did. - Thank you so much Rosina. Samantha King

We all have money lessons and codes to work with and use to help us live an abundant life. I have met people that have suffered with money anxiety for years believing that they cannot change this lesson and believe they must continue to suffer. I spend hours working out the frequencies for the money markets and banking systems because I am fascinated with all the options there are.

If you feel you need some help or insight for moving forward, then please get in touch.