Business Coaching

 Are you considering seeking out a Business Coach or Mentor?

We all need support in our business environment today. Over these last eight years, I have coached many business owners back into an empowered space. Business owners become overwhelmed by everything they need to do, everyone that they need to please and the ever increasing financial commitments. Most people overthink, they overthink everything and this hurts them because it immobilises them and less gets done and then the guilt increases which becomes an ever increasing circle of rinse and repeat.

I help them, I teach them and, I train them back into empowerment, first by examining where the business is right now and then we look at what they want and how to get it, with many steps and techniques in between. We work together to reset, i support and together we work through and discuss options and how.

I read them, their business frequency and explain there Money Codes and how to make the rest of the future. I show them how to release any negative habits, how to clean up and release what is not working which is a very practical process. You must be able to function, grow and live in abundance.

The industries I have worked with are...

Many financial - Loan Consultants, Investment Consultants, Manufacturers, Trade Companies, Event Companies, Health Practitioners, Coaches, Food Stylists and Trainers, Real Estate Agents and Owners.

Why do I love mentoring? because I get results! I know what to do because I see you in a different, and more objective light. I challenge your beliefs about yourself, to help you see and use your strengths. I use Numerology as my map of you and your business, I work on strategies to help you change your life and business for the better.

Working with a broad range of people means I have a lot of resources to draw on. We talk, identify what aspects of your life needs work, we decide, and then build a plan. It's a reset to enable you to live a more consciously designed life.

     𝘐 𝘋𝘦𝘭𝘪𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘊𝘭𝘢𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘺 

    I don't mess around. I know people come to see me feel better, find assurance, and learn new ways to build more of what they want. My mission is to help them live more passionately. I have helped people save there businesses, double and more there incomes, feel happier and create a more life, work balance.

    I don't take on everyone as I need to know I can help. Before either of us consider that I am a good fit, we should talk - there is no charge for a chat.

    I work in three month increments because you need time to release, to get clear  and build.

    My three month packages begin at $1200 -

    Here are some of the things my client's tell me.

    "You are the best-kept secret ever."

    "I feel much calmer and clearer about my way forward."

     "I understand my relationships and now feel settled".

    "I have more energy and drive, now that I love myself again".

    'I finally feel worthy and no longer feel like an imposter' 

    "I love my new income'

     Let's talk and work out how you can transform your enthusiasm to get ahead.

     I look forward to meeting you!