Love Relationships and Numerology #2

Born on the 4th, 13th, 22 and 31st
The 4 is not a natural communicator unless it is about work, and then they are magnificent. 
Emotional communication is rarely offered, and when it is, the recipient is a lucky person. They are wonderful friends and family but will only ever share with a few they trust. 
Be open and honest and respectful; their souls deserve this. 

Stress and the Negative
4’s can be very controlling, and as they get older, this trait can become much more dominant. They are excellent communicators when it comes to the practical and will do what is required to find balance and move through difficult situations with ease, generally due to being able to focus on the possible.
When a 4 struggles with feeling overwhelmed, they can become difficult to live with as they are a force to be reckoned with and can become very inflexible. They may share how they feel but not necessarily with diplomacy, again making it very hard to get passed. 
When they feel betrayed, they can take a long time to come around and may never see yours or other points of view. They can be very unforgiving and may hold onto deep hurts for a long time. 
When a relationship breaks apart and becomes hurtful, they usually do what is fair, especially where children are concerned.

Born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd
They are one of the most romantics numbers, and they can be all-consuming to be in a relationship with. They need a delicate balance of freedom and love, and sometimes this is a line that can’t be seen. 
They desire good communication but often find it hard to share their deepest fears or feelings. Taking the time to get to know them is the answer to this. 

Stress and the Negative
They like things their way and at times can become a nagger which does tend to create friction, especially if it comes across as controlling. Money can become a significant problem because they have a lot of fear around money as money represents safety and will tend to hide when things get tough. They love harmony within their relationships, and the first sign of trouble they will do anything to find a solution as disharmony disturbs their inner peace. They are excellent communicators, but they dislike emotional confrontation; however, they will stand their ground when their values are tested. Or betrayed.
Problems within relationships create stress, and as anxiety builds, they can become irrational and reactionary. Once things go too far, they can become challenging to deal with, and they will hold their ground when they feel in the right. 

When the issues are fresh, they will do everything they can to sort things it is when time passes, and they have time to think they will pull back and consider themselves.
Born on the 6th, 15th, and 24th
At times they can be hard to get too as they get so preoccupied with work or projects. 
They are good friends and lovers, but they do have a sharp tongue and only enter a discussion with them when you’re up for it. 

Stress and the Negative
Communication can become an issue when they are stressed because when troubles hit the first thing they do is retreat inwards as going inwards is how they work through things. They are great thinkers and will find their way through whatever comes up using their inner resources.
When things become heated, they can have a serpent's tongue and can hold their own. They do have a dark streak, and if they feel betrayed, they can hold a grudge for a long time.
Money can become an issue as out of all the numbers they have the most lessons through money.
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