Love Relations and Numerology #3

Communication early in a relationship is often the best but as time wears on it can  become a challenge.  When it goes bad, it can be the worst. In these three articles, I look at all the numbers, how they share in the good times and what can happen in the bad.
This article relates to those born on the 7,16 ,25, 8, 17, 26, 9, 18 and 27th.
Born on the 7, 16, and 25
In new relationships, they can be great communicators and always meet your eyes as their spiritual connection is through the soul. When you are captured by a 7, you know it as they wrap you up to keep you safe and it can be the most fantastic love relationship you will ever have. Communication can remain functional, but when they feel stressed or bored, things can become laboured, and small changes will make the difference.
They are often stubborn and dislike being told what to do. You must always keep this in mind to keep things harmonious, and when they feel pressured or criticised, they will disappear.
Time is always an issue for a 7 and an 8, and they will never quite have the same urgency as you. Once you understand this, you can manage them much more efficiently.
They don’t need a lot of physical space as their inner world is so big that they get all the space they need from within.
Stress and the Negative
They need to process to understand what is going on in their lives, so communication is essential, and when they are stressed they will lose sleep.
When they strive for perfection stress will create issues. They are not usually overthinkers but get stressed when they are overwhelmed with life.
They do strive for perfection, which can create a lot issues for those they live with.
Born on the 8, 17 and 26
They are what is known as The Child Of Fate, which means they learn from unexpected happenings. At times they may lose money due to the cause and effect rules around money.
Remember… money is energy, and with the right adjustments, they can turn this back in their favour as when the balance has shifted the cause and effect still applies.
Communication is often not their strength (male more so) so sharing emotionally can be hard going sometimes.
There will be times when they need to overcome mental exhaustion and rise above their tendency to define themselves by money, power, or status. Remember, they must balance the material, physical, emotional, and spiritual worlds together.
They are information gatherers, and movement is part of how they communicate.   Sitting still and having a heart-to-heart is hard for an 8 - especially if the focus is on them. If you need to know something - especially from an emotional perspective, talk to them when they are feeling at ease or doing something else and then you will get the desired response.
Never give an 8 an ultimatum, or they may make you live up to it. 
They can be very negative about those that have hurt them.
Born on the 9,18 and 27
They are so stubborn, but they also have real heart and are very sensitive to others but rarely show it. Again perfection is a driver, and they need a lot of support through school and confirmation from their peers and teachers that they are doing well. They are usually strong academics and retain information. 
Even in times of adversity, they will often find a way to push themselves to excel, and they should be praised for their efforts. 

They will only share what's going on with them and the heart with those they trust so if you do ever get the opportunity to hear how a 9 feels, then you must honour this with confidentiality. 
They can be hard to depend on, as they are often so busy on projects or achieving life's desires. No matter what the age, they still need confirmation that they are doing a great job and are on the right track. They will ask for support when they need it, but often they are on the edge when they do. 

Again, they only share with those they respect and love, and they will sacrifice themselves for their family at every age. And no matter how hard the childhood they always endeavour to live in the present and make their future life better, especially where children are concerned.