Love Relationships and Numerology #1

Communication early in a relationship is often at its best but as time wears on it can become a challenge.  When it goes bad, it can be the worst. In these three articles, I look at all the numbers, how they share in the good times and what can happen in the bad.
This article relates to those born on the 1, 10, 19, 28, 2, 11, 20, 29, 3, 12, 21 and 30.
Whatever you call them - soul mates, twin flames, or karmic connections, I believe before you were born, you chose these connections to be with, love, and learn from. How they play out depends on both of your responses.  For better or worse, these relationships do change and impact your life.

The birthday you chose is your part of your toolbox for life. You are here on this earth to live with passion, learning how to enjoy your relationships, pursue love, enjoy friends, and family. These lessons and connections are not always easy to endure, but with more knowledge and understanding, you can enjoy and live a more passionate life together. 
Relationship lessons can be the sweetest and most intoxicating or the most damaging and bewitching trials of your life. Sometimes these relationships affect you so profoundly that it is hard to imagine that you could ever love again. 

They are what can take you to the heights of heaven or to the lows of hell and leave deep imprints on your soul to live with forever. Every now and again they re-emerge to remind you of the joy and pain experienced, and sometimes they can hold you hostage from loving again.
My mother and I had many discussions on this topic as she had many relationships.  She was a third-generation reader and like me had heard many stories about love. My mother and father had a powerful but sadly short connection, only 25 years. They came from diverse backgrounds and there were many against their union, so they ran away to New Zealand to be together. 

She told me, "he was the absolute love of my life but not my soul mate." I was confused as I always thought these were one and the same. Their relationship was what I call "a bewitched" relationship, one with a powerful attraction that only allows them to see each other and one that can, at times, consume them. It was a profound love and one she never experienced again even though she lived for another 20 years.
In one of our many discussions, my mother told me.

"I believe that soul mates always find each other because the connections are powerful, and often nothing else matters but each other. If these connections turn, these same relationships can bring the most profound hurts, seemingly impossible to break and leaving emotional scars and spiritual imprints of the lessons learned." 

Bewitching links can break, scaring the soul holding them hostage to the promise of what was meant to be.
I personally am in love with a beautiful man who is not my soul mate. The relationship we have is softer and more harmonious, in fact, we have been together since we were 18 and I still look forward to seeing him at the end of each day. I know numerology helped me understand him, which has made a profound difference in the way we deal with each other. We have gone through many challenges and have overcome them all.

Now that I have done many readings and worked with numerology, I do believe this to be true. I have heard many stories, I see the bewitching connections which are always the most interesting of all. 

Family and friendships can bring profound joy and deep hurt. Numerology is one of the best tools we have available to see and manage our connections and responses. I look forward to sharing a small piece of the wisdom I have been shown with you. 
The Adult 1
They are not emotional and rarely like sitting down for a heart-to-heart, particularly in the early days of the relationship. Trust needs to build, but once it does, they are good communicators and can be very supportive.
Never give a 1 an ultimatum as, sadly, you will lose. It is best to be respectful and work through the issues slowly. 

They can seem inflexible but this is usually because they are being told what to do.  Take a step back and let them make their own decisions as then they could meet you halfway. 

Stress and the Negative Points and Responses

1. When a 1 gets stressed or depressed, they tend to pull away and shut down, making it harder for those in the relationship to figure things out. 

2. Often when something is happening financially or at work that they are struggling with they pull away from those they are closest to find a way out.  This makes it hard for those they love as they can seem unreachable. Only time will make a difference. The best thing to do is to trust yourself and give them time.

3. If you give them space and support them, things can get better. When the partner takes it personally and pushes them to talk or figure things out before they are ready, more problems can occur. If you allow them time to sort themselves out while sharing how you feel, this will support a good outcome. If there has been a deep connection for a long time then they will be easier to talk to after some space.

4. They are stubborn to the core, so telling them what to do or giving them an ultimatum could backfire and work against you. The best approach is the soft one, talking about things from your perspective rather than what you desire as an outcome.

Born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th

They still need to be needed and often shut down or pull away when they are being taken for granted or feel used in any way. If betrayed, they will walk away and walk away forever.

Honesty is essential but not always easy to hear. 

A soft and peaceful approach is best, and if things do get heated, it is best to stop and continue later when everyone has calmed down and can see clearly.

Stress and the Negative Points and Responses

1. 2s can react very strongly to stress, and when they are pushed they will either confront or walk away. 2s are one of the few numbers that can walk away and begin again, never to look back, which makes it hard when you're in a relationship with a 2 that hits the rocks. 

2. They can be verbally cutting, which can be hard to forgive and come back from.

3. 2s need to be needed and are one of the most loyal numbers, but they can be stubborn and challenging to communicate with as often it is their way, or the highway. When it is hard to find a middle ground, what do you do? Often you need to give in as someone has to be the one to let go and it is very rarely a 2.

4. When they are on your side, the relationship can be amazing; however when things get rough, they are formidable opponents. Always take a slow, soft approach with them, and you will work through things together.

Born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th

They are one of the most romantic numbers, and they can be all-consuming to be in a relationship with. 

Emotional communication is not easy, but when they let you in it is a sweet connection and worth so much.  They tend to worry and drift off into their own little worlds, and at times it could be like loving a third person. You need to remind them to come back to you in a relaxed way. 

Stress and the Negative

Things can become difficult within relationships because 3s have big imaginations and drift off often appearing to be not present, or disinterested. This can cause issues. They can get caught up in everything but their relationship, which is when reactions occur.

Work can become an intoxicating focus which can consume them. When trouble arises, they are great communicators and will listen and talk to smooth things over; however they don't like change and may promise the world but fail to deliver. Money is important so they may resort to gifts to smooth things over get things back to normal. 

They can have a possessive nature which is great when both are aligned; however, when things go pear-shaped they can become challenging and secretive. When their money is in jeopardy, they will do what they can to hide it or keep it as money represents safety to them as losing money can feel like the end of the world.
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