All About You - Personal Numerology Reading

All About You - Personal Numerology Reading

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The beginning of a New Year brings hope and the desire to do the year better than the last, and often by March, many feel they are living the repeat of many years prior.

This reading is all about the possibilities ahead for you and what possibilities are open to you. In this ALL ABOUT YOU - Personal Numerology Reading, I look at what stresses and blocks that you are living with and options to overcome them. 

Numerology for me is like an emotional road map for you and those around you. 

I give it to you straight with heart, as my mission is to find the best solutions to help you find a safe and inspired space, one that allows you to make better decisions and move forward with calm.

This is my most popular reading, as it brings clarity and understanding to you when you need it most. All I need is your name and date of both and the first name of your partner/spouse, or those you wish to enquire on. if you don't have the other birth date, the first name will do.

All my readings follow the same process. I look at you, your business or your situation, making sure I give you as much insight as possible. What may have no meaning to me, often has meaning to you.

If you have any questions before you book in, feel free to email or message me.

I have spent months researching what's coming and what is available to us during 2021, and I can't wait to share these insights with you. I read for and mentor hundreds of people and business owners each year, to help them maximise their lives/business abilities, showing them how to harness confidence and build a wealthy life. I get 70% of my work from a referral.

I look at

Looking at

  1. I always include any questions you have.
  2. Your life now.
  3. What potentially lies ahead.
  4. What mindset shift you need to try and why?
  5. I look at your money, work and relationships- What you can expect from the year. What potentially lies ahead, whats positive and negative and any things I see you could avoid.
  6. How you can reduce stress and find a calmer place.
  7. Any spiritual practices that may help.
  8. My mission is to help you find the clarity and reassurance you may need now.

The Reading 

Once you book - I will send you a questionnaire for the information I need, you can also add any questions you would like to include then.

This is one of my most popular readings, as it brings clarity and understanding to you when you need it most. All I need are the names, and birth dates of those you wish to enquire about, if you don't have the other personals birth date, their name will do.

How This Works

Once I receive your questionnaire back, I will confirm the date you can expect to receive your ALL ABOUT YOU - Personal Numerology Reading. 

The audio is approximately 30 plus minutes long. I give you an immense amount of information during this time.

One important thing - Once you place your order, make sure you check your junk as sometimes I can't get through to you and it becomes frustrating for all.

When you can come back to me with any questions I will again reply by audio to answer your queries.

I look forward to meeting you!

A little bit about me 

My passion for people to live abundantly and my skills with Numerology, helps me help others. I read the emotions of people through birthdates which helps me see the personalities, pitfalls and possibilities ahead. My varied personal and business history means I know and hear the stresses that people and business owners face and my mission is to help them find clarity and breathe calm into their lives.

When my mother taught me the art of reading others by connecting to their essence, I never knew one day it would be my job and one that I truly love.

I love helping others to live a more empowered life. 

Don't forget to look at my testimonials and Facebook page for weekly updates on how to maximise your week, money and relationships.