Fear Hurts You - fear limits attraction.

At its most basic level fear is a vital tool for the human race. When you are threatened fear triggers your adrenaline to kick in, helping you make the right “fight or flight” response to survive.

Fear is a dangerous emotion to live with constantly. It creates blocks and long-term serious health issues. It is often nurtured unnecessarily, for no good reason other than habit or fear of what is left once it is released.

Anxiety feeds fear and keeps you physically weak. There are many side effects of living in fear including high stomach acid, bowel problems, insomnia, skin irritations, and headaches. Fear separates you from your potential; it immobilises you and hinders you from moving on.

Worst of all, fear keeps you from achieving your dreams and financial goals. It prevents you from living freely and with a consistent feeling of joy.

Most people believe fear is difficult to overcome and you have to live with it. What they don’t realise is that it is extremely important to learn ways of dissipating or softening fear enough to move through it. The secret? Don’t try to become fearless, which is simply denial. Instead, face up to your fears and work through them piece by piece.

You cannot simultaneously think negative and attract positive. If you constantly believe you lack something and go over and over it in your mind with the same negative affirmations, it will inevitably attract further negativity into your life.

This next portion is from a reading I wrote for a woman who was feeling lost and in crisis. She desired change but the fear of stepping into change was so great because of the fear and nothing working in the past. Her children had grown and her life was busy but unsatisfying and this is why she came to me.

It has been so nice to connect to you today and to feel and understand what is going on for you. We are living and experiencing a shift in consciousness and this is prompting and pushing buttons in women asking them to honor their feminine and live to feel life from the core of their beings.

Spirit says, you are a giver and always there to look after everyone's needs and as you grow wiser in age, sometimes you lose touch with your essence and what you are capable of, often stepping back into the shadows of your life and you wait.

The old way is a limitation to feel alone; to hide and hold back crushing your inner confidence and self-worth then living in fear and seeing no future. Many people adopt this process you are not alone, it has affected you, your life and your relationships. You started to look for flaws and notice how unsupported you feel, hooking into the belief that you are not needed or wanted and believing this is your lot. This is a lie.

The new energy now asks that you look for change and trust as you experience new things, as it is the only way to find the freedom you seek now. The waiting is over you need to see how amazing you are and how much you have available to you, it is a small mindset change to open up your life and experience the growth, feel the passion and honour you. How do you feel, do you know what you want? Within 1 year you can find the work you desire and to feel inspiration and passion again. To work in your passion is one of the most satisfying things in life. I get up every day looking forward to my work, considering who will I connect to and how each person I meet inspires me that bit more and I want the same for you.

Training your mind, to learn to push through the fear is a daily job but worth the effort. It is time to step out of the shadows and celebrate you're feminine, your intuition. You have but a simple choice, to stay here or step forward to try new things to support yourself to take a chance.

It is time to step into the light of the new consciousness and bathe in the light and celebrate who you are, the essence of you.

There has been a very interesting study produced on this phenomenon by acclaimed British professor Richard Wiseman. He studied the beliefs and theories behind luck and showed that both good and bad luck could result from measurable habits.

Is your mindset supporting you or hindering you?

Lucky people, who expected good luck, often spent more effort in their endeavors, resulting in more success, reinforcing their belief in good luck. These people were outgoing and observant and therefore had more chance encounters than unlucky people. Lucky people were also more likely to look on the bright side of bad encounters.

Within you there exists a creative flow of energy that seeks to become alive – and chooses to be born to manifest your true success, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. Connecting with this energy will help you to feel more confident, increasing that vital sense of self-worth in the process and allow you to find your BIG WHY.

The universe wants what is best for you and fear is a lie that you trick yourself into believing the things that hold you hostage.

One of our missions is to put fear in its place as to surrender fear means it no longer holds you, hostage.

What fears are you willing to surrender now?

Write out what you are willing to let go of and each morning read this list again to cement what you are willing to do. Everything else will show up as it needs to.

Trust yourself.

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