2020 The Great Awakening

What does this mean to you and how will it change the world forever?

January 12th 2020 - The beginning of change.

We have a Saturn, Pluto Conjunction soon and this astrological line up has not been with us for hundreds of years - I did a bit of research and The Knights Templer were setting up the money foundations that we know today (banking systems) under this same sky influence. This is business and why the banking sector will come under the microscope during 2020 and beyond. We are certainly in new territory, the banks will not like what is to come as interest rates will drop and their profits will be affected. We will see the likes of Facebook show up offering to lend money and I am not sure how this will roll out - certainly one to watch.

This time, Saturn will be in the same degree as Pluto in Capricorn from about January 6-14, 2020, with their exact conjunction on January 12, 2020. As with most transits, we may feel the pressure building up a bit before the exact conjunction, and then the intensity of it usually passes after the conjunction perfects, though it may have set in motion things that will last for a much longer period of time. We also have a strong alliance to 2019, meaning the end of an era, end of karmic energy, but the biggest benefit, the end of the old with a strong association to past relationships - is there something you need to celebrate?

What could this mean to you?

On a global level, we may expect to see big shifts in things such as governments, political boundaries, economic happenings, or far-reaching advancements in technology or thought. As with most things, we may not realise the impact of some of these shifts until much later.

Saturn conjunct Pluto transit is a time of hard work and serious business. You will need patience and determination as you face extra responsibilities with less time and resources to get the job done. As this transit approaches, you may be forced to concentrate your efforts on one particular area of life that is no longer working well for you. This will have come through loud and clear through the Christmas break. It could be a relationship or career, your home or money life or a particular belief or behavior. Something in your life has outlived its usefulness and the karmic dump is asking you to now let go and change those habits and mindset.

You may experience (or overthink) loss, hardship or disappointments from your previous life as you learn what it is that you must let go of or change. You may feel pressured or burdened by someone in a position of authority or a government department or large corporation. This may place a strain on your finances or force you to give up a hobby or family time. It is possible that a change in circumstances restricts your ability to enjoy other areas of life until you address the particular issue.

If something is broken you must fix it or throw it out. You cannot leave things as they show resistance in you which could create blocks going forward, don't do it.

Accept change and go with the flow. Listen to your intuition and listen to the advice of professionals. This is a time for a deliberate, well-considered change. Once you let go of the limiting factors in your life you can use determination and perseverance to build new structures in their place. This is a slow, evolutionary process that builds new foundations on which to prosper in the coming years.

Governments, Corporations, Big Business and Some Countries.

It can mean suffering, isolation or an end for those who have abused their power for selfish purposes rather than acting responsibly for the good of society and for those towards whom they have a duty of care. Punishment, penalties or imprisonment for the sins of greed, lust, power-lust, selfish ambition, the secret hoarding of wealth, hidden cruelty, lies, corruption, being unjustly punishing and harsh on those less fortunate, using the armed services and police for selfish protection rather than the protection of the people. It will bring the demise of those in positions of power as well as the institutions they run, who have been irresponsible and corrupt. Though all are likely to suffer hardships as new systems are founded and built up out of the wreckage and new ways are gradually introduced. It heralds a dark and difficult time that requires responsible, concerted effort to expose and eliminate what is rotten in order to bring about new ways of governing and organising society, in the interests of society as a whole, and not just those at the top of the hierarchy.

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