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Fear Hurts You - fear limits attraction.

At its most basic level fear is a vital tool for the human race. When you are threatened fear triggers your adrenaline to kick in, helping you make the right “fight or flight” response to survive. Fear is a dangerous emotion to live with constantly. It creates blocks and long-term serious health issues. It is often nurtured unnecessarily, for no good reason other than habit or fear of what is left once it is released. Anxiety feeds fear and keeps you physically weak. There are many side effects of living in fear including high stomach acid, bowel problems, insomnia, skin irritations, and headaches. Fear separates you from your potential; it immobilises you and hinders you from moving on. Worst of...

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Are You Ready To Attract More Business?

You must choose to believe in yourself, because what you think matters as people notice and are attracted to people with confidence. When the work slows, the wheels of the economy still move, and those that look for opportunities will find them, which is why you must connect to others. This month new connections matter and could create safety nets for the future. Its time to become more committed to your future by remembering why you do what you do and then share your greatness with others. What scale of acknowledgment do you have in the current market place? People always notice when someone/company is crashing or falling apart up, which, sparks discussion and gossip. However, healthy talk can deliver...

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2020 The Great Awakening

What does this mean to you and how will it change the world forever? January 12th 2020 - The beginning of change. We have a Saturn, Pluto Conjunction soon and this astrological line up has not been with us for hundreds of years - I did a bit of research and The Knights Templer were setting up the money foundations that we know today (banking systems) under this same sky influence. This is business and why the banking sector will come under the microscope during 2020 and beyond. We are certainly in new territory, the banks will not like what is to come as interest rates will drop and their profits will be affected. We will see the likes of...

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