Soul Agreements, with Yourself and the Universe.

Are the messages you are telling yourself, confusing you and the Universe?

If you truly desire change then you are going to need to make some decisions and step up. The Universe is always listening and replying however in order for you to receive, you must be awake and listening.

Soul Agreements  are contracts  you decide to have with yourself. Spiritually, these agreements are like red threads through your life that help you connect to others and the energies for the Universe and year.

When you decide and set these agreements, the Universe takes notice and supports you to achieve them. So make sure you ask for what you need.

What agreements did you set for yourself through through this last two months?


What you set is already at work energetically, helping you achieve these important things, the Universe has your back and what you want, wants you back. So ask for what you need, ask out loud. Aside note - when you lack clarity and have no idea what this is or it’s fuzzy, then these threads and connections float about, not knowing what to aim for or hook into, which is why it is important to be clear on the messages you send to the Universe for help.

Get specific and give it a try.

Be clear and slowly work towards what matters, good love energy, satisfaction, working at what truly inspires you and what you want financially. It can take some time to get your rhythms right, to attract more, and you will feel the shift as it happens plus you will attract more and faster.

Cement your desires - On a New Moon, write out what you desire three or four times to get it right, then write it out one last time in your intentional journal. Then read it out loud, read it out loud three times; so you feel it in your bones.

Read this out loud to help you break free and build.  Put aside the fear and use the energy to help you attain what you want. Take the right actions and make sure you read your request everyday until three days before the next New Moon.

Dedicate yourself.

I dedicate myself to having a loving relationship with money/relationship or … (add your own) I am open to living an abundant life, and I choose to support myself to live the best life I can have.

This Ritual is from the collection of Clarice, Pretoria, Rose and is protected under this family alignment. Copy right 2022

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Love Rosina