Do you know what your purpose is?

Have you ever given much thought to what your purpose is?  

 Through this Retrograde Season I have been looking at my early spiritual life by going through my old written work, a few books and some of my mother’s stuff. Wow, I have found some gems! 

It has been great to be reminded how powerful and what superheroes we are.  I have also been reminded what I and many have gone through - such deep pain.  

All the old Esoteric writings and information that have been handed down to me offer one consistent thread and that is life has purpose and we are here to live it, but it is a conscious choice and you and I must choose to live with purpose. 

What is purpose? 

Why are you here on this earth? 

Is it your work? 

Is it your family? 

Is it to make friends? 

Is it to make money? 

Is it to live spiritually? 

Is it to live consciously? 

What do you think it is? 

We all strive for success. I help people on a daily basis achieve their goals and I love it, but I still don’t feel this is our purpose. 

I feel our purpose, why we are here, is to find happiness. I know right, so corny, but soooooooooo powerful. Happiness is the goal, which is where my thoughts have been this last two months, looking at what makes me feel happy, what makes me bounce out of bed with vigour. 

I looked at it, explored it and came up with this. Happiness is powerful and when you look to make this priority number one, I feel we meet purpose face to face.  

When I looked at my life in segments - work, family, money, health, and achievements - I was able to see what and where I was unhappy and where I was not. Now I am working to bring them back into balance. Give it a try! 

Ask yourself these questions…  

Am I happy with my work? 

Am I happy with my family? 

Am I happy with my money? 

Am I happy with my home? 

Am I happy with my love life? 

Am I happy with my partner? 

Am I happy with my business? 

Am I happy with my health? 

Am I happy with what I give back? 

Am I happy with my friendships? 

Add whatever else you feel you need to look at. 

What stands out?  Where are the holes, or lack in your life? This is in no way a beat-yourself-up process but a tool to bring harmony to your life.  

Keep it light! This is not meant in any way to throw you into a dark place or to give yourself permission to enter one. I don’t give you permission to make this a deep dark dive, make it a happy one and ultimately, fulfilling. 

Give it a try and in our next session, talk with me about where you feel the work is needed. I have been looking and smiling ever since I asked these questions, as it seemed easy to find and begin sorting.  

I don’t feel this is a one-time fix, but a continuous question as we live a fluid and evolving life.  When you break it into small pieces it will be easier, more empowering and purposeful. 

Remember, happiness is the goal and it is a seriously powerful emotion and action. 

Make sure you get lots of warm food and plenty of rest. Sleep is essential as the cooler months are when you are meant to re-build your energy. 

Enjoy warm clothes and when you are outside and you feel warm, this is mindfulness so be grateful for the opportunity to have what you need in life. 

Buy someone who’s sitting on the street a hot drink without judgement, as life can be fragile. 

Decide to be and deliver your best and have a GREAT week. 

Lots of love Rosina xo