Are you ready to improve your health?

Mind over matter ...

By Graeme Teague

I'm sitting here writing this and its about -4 degrees outside and the heaters are struggling to warm up my room. But temperature is relative to what you see ...

A cold crisp sunny day is still preferable over a windy, cloudy and drizzly day! (IMO)

So our minds do have an important role to play in our day to day lives, and even more so with our health. The reason I'm talking about this is, I had a client who was told to expect to get continually worse as time went by.

You may be thinking that this is justified as her condition might mean that she will get worse. But in fact, this was just an opinion and only based on one view point of health.

The body is designed to forever improve...

If you have forgotten what I tell every new client on day one then here goes again.

Your body is governed by 3 natural laws.

1- The law of healing, you cut your hand and it heals. As does everything else.

2 - The law of habit, if you something repeatedly it becomes the new norm. The problem is good and bad habits form the same way.

3 - The law of increase, means when in balance your body continues to grow and get better. The first and last day in your work are different. You learnt more effective and efficient ways to work. Your health is the same!

So to change anything you first must put in new habits, then reinforce them to remain. And yes, even your genes will change. The Human Genome Project which finished in 2003 stated that genes are not set in stone, they are fluid and are affected by their environment!

So improve the environment and the cell improves ... eat better, exercise, reduce stress, think better ... all these help change your health and increase longevity.

Back to the Mind Over Matter ...

Having someone tell you that you won't improve means that if you accept that as true then it will happen. Once a habit then there will be a steady decline.

OR ...

Tell your body to improve day by day. Spend time daydreaming about how healthy you are now and that tomorrow you'll be even better. Project what life will be like, how much energy you will have, how much life is easier being well. Make it a habit!

A few minutes when you wake projecting positive images sets up your day to be great. Be thankful that you are healthy, happy, full of energy. See it, feel it, live it.

Your mind does matter and is your most powerful tool.

Emile Coue said to say "day by day in every way, I'm getting better, better and better." Say this at least 20 times a day and you can change your body and mind.

Try it!

Hold your fingers too, do your points as they all work on the same process of improving you every day.

Stay war, stay well and if you aren't well then call.

Until next time